Blockchain Training Course for Business Professionals

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Everyone knows about the ripple effect. Throw a stone into a body of water and then watch how its impact creates an immediate succession of interconnected movements and energy. Likewise, blockchain provides the secure decentralised digitalisation of business transactions, along with the guarantee of transparent and irreversible data ledgers that are accessible to all participants involved.

What a Blockchain Certification Has to Offer

The transparency of financial transactions, legal contracts and any other related data sets is crucial for the reputation and advancement of any business. The foundational technology of blockchain is the key to upholding these values, while simultaneously providing cryptographic security within a decentralised distributed system. By obtaining a blockchain certification, you will be able to explore its business applications, design new blockchain concepts and uses, while also learning how to evaluate business processes for blockchain sustainability.

EIT Digital Blockchain Course: Who, What, Where, When & Why?

Enroll in the prestigious EIT Digital Professional School Blockchain 360 course for professionals and discover how to build a structured and interconnected system which allows for the recorded and organised transfer of assets between individuals within a blockchain network.


This course is ideal for Information System Managers and technological professionals seeking to identify and understand blockchain opportunities and broaden their knowledge about its potential for their business.


Learn about the diverse potential and impact of blockchain technology and how it can be implemented into different application domains.


Attend comprehensive online sessions and interactive blockchain event face-to-face workshops in Sankt Augustin, Germany.



Obtain your EIT Digital and Fraunhofer FIT joint digital certificate of participation in the fastest and most effective manner.

Blockchain Course: Take-away advantages & concepts

The blockchain distributed peer-to-peer system allows your business to rely on a cryptographically designed network in order to guarantee the immutability and complete ownership of data transactions between users.

In this EIT Digital Fraunhofer FIT course you will learn about foundational blockchain concepts, gain the ability of analysing and designing blockchain architectures, as well as get to know current trends in blockchain technology. Here is a summary of some of the key skills that you will discover in this course:

  • Build the foundation of basic blockchain concepts
  • Explore areas of application and common use cases
  • Learn how to identify opportunities for blockchain automation
  • Discover blockchain applications for different industries and sectors
  • Examine blockchain platforms and infrastructure possibilities
  • Study the potential of blockchain in supply chains
  • Overcome challenges with blockchain implementation
  • Scrutinise enterprise requirements, governance and access restrictions
  • Effectively manage support for a decentralized network
  • Survey blockchain technology trends and recent advancements

Ready, Steady, Throw!

So, are you ready to launch your own evolutionary blockchain stone and create a ripple effect that results in an undeniable and incorruptible ledger of data and transactions for your business? Register for the IT Digital Professional School blending course Blockchain 360,  developed in collaboration with Fraunhofer FIT, and discover how blockchain can effectively propel your business towards success and technological advancement. 

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