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Architecting for Business Value

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Does your company need to react quickly to market, business and technology changes? Do you need to find flexible development approaches to keep pace with innovation? 
Take this course to learn how to design a system architecture that can adapt to an ever-evolving business environment. 

This course helps lead designers and systems architects broaden the market and business perspective of their technology choices and supports them to drive product development in a multi stakeholder environment. Participants will learn how to work in a reasoning framework and how to develop a system architecture in a highly interactive and agile way, in close cooperation with both technical and non-technical people. 

Is this course for you? What's in it for you? What's in it for your organisation?
If you are a System Engineer, System Lead Designer, System Architect, Project Manager and R and D Manager managing cyber physical systems or working in high tech, this course is for you!
  • Learn how to think about system architectures from a marketing, business and development point of view.
  • Understand how to gain insight in the application of your product and the complexities of the market.
  • Learn how to translate overall product objectives into technical solutions, fulfilling requirements, and ensuring design integration across disciplines.
  • Be ready to react quickly to technology developments and changes in your business environment.
  • Build better understanding and cooperation between market, business, and technology stakeholders.
  • Engage senior management in design and architectural decisions.

The course at a glance

Course format
  • Blended learning (prepare online, practice face-to-face, implement in the distance with the mentoring of your peers and teachers)
    The following will be completed within 1 month:
  • WORKSHOP 3 days face-to-face
Upcoming workshop date and location for open enrolment
  • Cost per participant: €2750
  • June 12-14, 2018 in EIT Digital HQ, Stockholm (Sweden)
Language English
  • PREPARE Online: video tutorials, annotated slides, exercises and reading, put in context according to participants’ professional responsibilities.
  • PRACTICE Face-to-face: workshop to work on group assignments and deepen understanding of topics based on personal learning goals.
  • IMPLEMENT Online: mentoring from peers and teachers while implementing learning in real professional context.
Requirements An understanding of computer engineering
Our partner ESI is a leading Dutch research group for high-tech embedded systems design and engineering. ESI is a so-called TNO Joint Innovation Centre. It cooperates with high-tech industry, as well as having a strong association with academia, both nationally and internationally. ESI contributes to society and the economy by driving advances in high-tech systems technology, with a strong shared research programme, dedicated innovation support, a focused competence development programme, and various knowledge- and experience-sharing activities.
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