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Citizen Participation


A joint programme by EIT Digital in cooperation with Inria and Missions Publiques.

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How to engage citizens in public or private projects, mixing face-to-face and online participation.
Participatory decision-making requires leveraging the needed know-how in two complementary fields:

  • The various methods for participation, including the respective merits of face-to-face and on-line participation, to ensure the right level of engagement and;
  • The civic tech tools enabling participation at Internet scale.
  • The course surveys such methods and tools to implement successful participation processes.
  • Learn about the importance of participation to define a project, but also to ensure its legitimacy.
  • Discover many methods and tools to implement successful participation processes.
  • Discover several participation methods -face-to-face and online- and related Civic Tech for online participation (for different contexts and/or different objectives).
  • Investigate how to use these participation processes in your field of work.
  • Experiment a participation process.
Top and middle management IT and R&D positions in:
  • Industry and public organisations from all over Europe and even worldwide.
  • Industry looking to develop new ideas with potential partners.
  • Public institutions needing citizens contribution for their projects (cities projects, urban infrastructures, social decisions...).
  • Industry and startups which develop digital applications to support citizen participation and public debate or applications that include features for collecting citizen contributions.

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