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Technological Challenges for Participatory Smart Cities

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How to build an efficient technological infrastructure for your smart city project 

Get a practical overview of the software and networking infrastructures required to successfully implement a smart city project involving citizen participation. 

Is this course for you? What's in it for you?
If you are an engineer or project leader working for a company developing or willing to develop smart city projects involving citizen participation, this course will enable you to embrace technical aspects to be taken into account to create a practical service. In particular, it will impart information on privacy and interoperability aspects that your business will need to take into account.

This course also addresses the challenges of professionals of a city government or a public institution who implement a smart city project which involves the deployment of digital technologies in the urban environment.
  • Understand the scientific and technological challenges lying beneath a participatory smart city.
  • Adapt the technological infrastructure to a participative and inclusive context.
  • Identify the vigilance points when “smartizing” a city.
  • Design useful and technically-proven new digital services.

The course at a glance

Format Blended learning (online and face-to-face)
  • Online: self-paced modules (video tutorials + annotated slides) requiring approximately 2-3 hours of work per week during 5 weeks - the online content can be covered in a more concentrated way if needed by the participant.
  • Face-to-face: 2-day session including a practical workshop with a collective brainstorm on the definition and initial design of a useful and technologically-proven digital service targeted at an inclusive smart city. Participants will need to have followed the online content before attending the workshop.
Upcoming dates and locations TBC - EIT Digital Offices in Paris (France)
Language English (videos with French and German subtitles)
  • Introduction: a perspective on smarter cities
  • Network infrastructures for participatory urban systems
  • Software infrastructures for participatory urban systems
  • Cloud-based urban data management
  • Privacy-preserving urban systems
2-day face-to-face agenda
  • Questions and answers about the online course
  • Sharing of smart cities projects examples
  • Collaborative design of an innovative service for smart cities
  • Reflection about privacy challenges and specifications
Requirements People with technological background, involved in or starting a Smart City project
Certificate EIT Digital and INRIA joint digital certificate
Partner Inria, the French National Institute for computer science and applied mathematics, promotes “scientific excellence for technology transfer and society”. Researchers at INRIA explore original approaches with its partners in industry and academia and provide an efficient response to the many challenges posed by the digital transformation.
Cost €1499/person
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