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Our EIT Digital Professional School partner network is composed of renowned European research organizations and universities. The cooperation between these different types of organizations allows…  
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What is blended learning and how does it benefit working professionals? Blended learning is the combination of traditional face-to-face classroom phases with digital and online media such as e- and…  
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Get in touch Find out more about EIT Digital The EIT is a body of the European Union Follow © 2010-2019 EIT Digital IVZW. All rights reserved. Legal notice EIT…  
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17. Digital Wellbeing  
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19. Security and Privacy for Big Data  
Take this course to increase your awareness concerning security and data protection and to acquire vital knowledge about how to use security solutions in big data environments. Being able to process…  
20. Technological Challenges for Participatory Smart Cities  
Button Want to know more? Contact us! How to build an efficient technological infrastructure for your smart city project  Get a practical overview of the software and networking…  
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