Blockchain 360: the State-of-the-Art for Professionals

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Discover the power of Blockchain for Business Applications

Blended approach

Blended approach:
Online courses &
F2F Masterclass

Date and location

Date and location:


Free online course
F2F Masterclass 1500 €

Looking to understand the real potential of blockchain technology for your organisation? Connect your career to blockchain to support the digitisation of business processes and develop new opportunities. This continuing education course teaches the principles of blockchain with practical experience from use cases. Using Fraunhofer FIT’s new analysis framework for blockchain, you will learn to explore blockchain’s business potential.

Key take aways

  • Learn how to evaluate business processes for blockchain suitability
  • Design blockchain concepts for use cases
  • Understand blockchain technology and its disruptive business potential
  • Explore different blockchain business applications

Who should attend

Information systems managers and decision-makers:

  • who want to understand blockchain technology;
  • who need to identify and explore blockchain opportunities;
  • who want to broaden their knowledge about the disruptive potential of blockchain for business;
  • who want to apply their expertise for the digital transformation of business and society.
Course Content
  • Learn basic blockchain concepts
  • Identify use cases and learn how to apply a blockchain analysis framework
  • Design use cases and blockchain architectures
  • Get to know current trends in blockchain technology
  • Blockchain-360
Online course Short online course / Free
Take the online course
Masterclass 2 days / € 1,500
Language English
Certificate EIT Digital and Fraunhofer FIT joint digital certificate of participation

WOLFGANG PRINZBusiness is currently dealing intensively with digitisation. Blockchain has a major impact on the design and implementation of digital business processes in many application areas such as the Internet of Things, the Smart Grid and supply chain. Course participants will learn about blockchain technologies as well as best practice business applications..”


About Fraunhofer FIT

The course is created by the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT, a leading German institute researching and developing user-friendly smart solutions that blend seamlessly into business processes. Fraunhofer FIT conducts strategic research into digitisation, Industry 4.0 projects and IoT solutions. Its expertise for this continuing education advanced training course derives from its Blockchain Lab, a multi-disciplinary, specialised unit that designs, develops and evaluates blockchain applications.

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