Cybersecurity for Business

Cooperation of EIT Digital with the Technical University of Madrid and Ferrovial.

Protect your business from the ground up: empower staff and perfect processes to meet Cybersecurity challenges.

Developed by the Technical University of Madrid together with Ferrovial, one of the leading infrastructure and services operators, the course covers the main detection and protection mechanisms an organisation needs to empower its staff and optimise its processes in order to defend itself against the most common cybersecurity threats.

Starting with the simplest types of incident, participants will learn about risks of different levels of complexity, through a combination of storytelling techniques, a Red Team vs. Blue Team approach and real-world testimonies.

Key take aways

  • Understand cybersecurity risks: real impact on business, people and society;

  • Get to know how organisations approach cybersecurity threats;

  • Learn how to manage cybersecurity challenges and complexity in an integrated perspective;

  • Find out how to solve the cybersecurity talent gap in your organisation;

  • Widen cybersecurity understanding and challenges applied to Internet of Everything.

Who should attend

  • Business mid/senior managers;

  • Government/public sector officials:

  • Business professionals with an interest in cybsersecurity sector.

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EIT Digital and the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) joint digital certificate of participation.

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Blended approach

Blended approach:

Online courses & F2F Masterclass (1)

Date and location

Date and location:

September to December
Berlin, Madrid, Paris (1)



Free online course
F2F Masterclass 1000 €

(1) Please contact us for more details.

Course content

  • Understanding Cybersecurity Risks;
  • How secure organisations deal with Cybersecurity;
  • Organising the chaos of Cybersecurity: a horizontal process;
  • Talent management in Cybersecurity;
  • Security and Internet of Everything;
  • Challenges vs. Opportunities: Innovation.


2 days / € 1,000
September to December in Berlin, Madrid, Paris

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EnglishEIT Digital and the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) joint digital certificate of participation.



About the Technical University of Madrid

The Technical University of Madrid (UPM) is a leading university in engineering and architecture education in Spain (40.000 students, 3.500 researchers). It is internationally renowned for the quality of its courses and the research undertaken at its schools, departments and institutes. UPM consists of a network of 5 Research Institutes, 13 Research Centers, 3 Innovation Centers and 200 research groups where professors, researchers, engineers, students, business developers and entrepreneurs, physically come together to jointly co-create the digital future in all areas of Engineering and Architecture both from a technical and an application point of view.

As a result of that, UPM is a leading entrepreneurial university in southern Europe, having supported the creation of more than 265 startups, specially in the area of digital services, through UPM Entrepreneurship Program, actúaupm.

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