Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 in Food Processing

A collaboration between EIT Digital, Campden BRI Hungary, the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and ELTE university’s Faculty of Informatics.

Become a pioneer of Food Industry 4.0

Implementing digital solutions in the food processing industry is needed to meet the consumer needs. But it requires new approaches. That is why the EIT Digital Professional School is offering a new course to master the skills it takes to improve process control and production to meet consumer needs at reasonable costs, maintenance, and logistics. Become a pioneer of Food Industry4.0  (I4.0) and the digital revolution of the food chain.

The short executive course is offered in an online blended mode. This means that you can study the material on your own pace online for one part and be a participant in a two-day intensive training class in part two.

Topics that will be addressed are:

  • The need for Industry4.0 in food processing.
  • Basic principles of I4.0 and food processing.
  • Management process of developing new products and processes.
  • Digital techniques as data collection, vision systems, Internet of things connected manufacturing sensors, Artificial Intelligence, digital twins, personalised production, robotics’ and more.
  • Business applications, like ERP.

You will require technical, management, business and innovation skills. During the online training workshop, you will encounter real-life demos and exercises to gain hands-on experiences about the implementation of novel solutions in food processing. During the training, you work in transdisciplinary teams acting as promoters of the application of the digital and i4.0 solutions for the modernisation of the food industry.

If you are interested in leading the digital transformation of the food industry, you should subscribe to the course.

Learning goals

  • Gain deeper insight into the basic aspects of the application of digital and Industry 4.0 solutions of food processing and the possibilities provided by digitalisation and Industry 4.0 for the Food Industry
  • Discover the possibilities and limitations of the implementation of digital solutions in the food processing industry
  • Understand the basics and trends of consumer needs and customer requirements in the Food Industry
  • Experience the opportunities provided by the implementation of digital solutions in the food processing
  • Apply your knowledge to lead the digital transformation of the food industry

Who should attend

  • Future I4.0 managers of food companies, who will be aware of the enabling functions and application opportunities of the I4.0 solutions in the food industry
  • R+I staff of I4.0 and digital solution providers -who will understand the needs of the food industry.

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Blended approach


4 e-learning modules + 2 days (virtual) workshop with case studies and group exercises

Date and location


Spring edition: 27-28-29 April 202.
Autumn edition: 28-29-30 September 2021.



1850€ excluding tax

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Eng. Giacomo Copani

Head of Manufacturing Business Models Research at National Research Council of Italy (STIIMA-CNR). Cluster Manager of AFIL, the Advanced Manufacturing Cluster of Lombardy Region. He is an expert in manufacturing business models design/assessment and industrial servitization processes. Coordinator and WP leader of several European and National projects.

Dr Walter Terkaj

Researcher at STIIMA-CNR and formerly Adjunct Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He has experience in the study and modelling of production systems aimed at supporting the design, performance evaluation, management and control in the scope of digital factory technology. He participated in several national and European research projects (FP7, H2020, Erasmus+).

Dr Giovanni Attolico

Leader of the Research on the application of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence to Food Quality and Safety Control at National Research Council of Italy (STIIMA-CNR). He has a long experience in processing and analysis of multispectral and hyperspectral images. Leader of research units in projects founded by public institutions and private companies.

Dr András Sebők

General Manager of Campden BRI Hungary. 44 years’ experience in the food industry R+I, training, knowledge transfer, food safety management – hygiene, application of digital solutions in food processing. Chairman of the research & innovation expert group of the FoodDrink Europe. Leader of the EIT FOOD RIS Hub in Hungary. WP leader, participant of several H2020, FP7 and FP6 projects.

Attila Berczeli

Deputy General Manager of Campden BRI Hungary. Relevant experience in food industry R+I, training, knowledge transfer, food safety management – hygiene, application of digital solutions in food processing.

Viktória Parrag

Development Engineer at Campden BRI Hungary, her scope of work is the application of advanced technologies, and digitisation and industry 4.0 in the food sector. She graduated in Food Engineering on the specialization of Technologies and Quality Management of Canning Industry and holds a master’s degree with a focus on Process Planning. After graduation she started her PhD studies, her field of research is the application of hyperspectral imaging in the food industry. She has gained experience in meat processing technology and beverage production.

Ádám Tarcsi

IT researcher, Dean’s Advisor on Strategic Affairs, Lecturer at Department of Media & Educational Technology, founder at IoT & Data Innovation Lab at Eötvös Loránd University


About Campden BRI Hungary, CNR and ELTE University Faculty of Informatics

The EIT Digital Professional works together with Campden BRI Hungary, the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and ELTE university’s Faculty of Informatics in providing the short executive course.

  • Campden BRI Hungary is a private food industrial R+D+I organization, with long national & international R&D&I practice, training experiences to a large number of food businesses, providing R+D+I, KTT, auditing food safety management systems and implementation of capacity building programs, and improving competitiveness through sustainable production and reduction of the use of resources. It has relevant experience in matching food industry needs and digital & I4.0 solutions and has a key role in different European transdisciplinary projects related to digitalisation.
  • CNR is the major public body in Italy performing research, innovation and supporting education and policymaking, with experience in Industry 4.0.
  • Hungarian ELTE university’s Faculty of Informatics has long experience in IoT, big data analytics - artificial intelligence.

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