Get Ahead in the Ongoing Digital Transformation

A collaboration between EIT Digital and the KTH Executive School.

Unlock the benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is around. How can you unlock the benefits of Digital Transformation?  The answer to this question will be addressed in the professional school course Get Ahead in the Ongoing Digital Transformation. The course, developed by EIT Digital’s partner KTH Executive Business School also provides you with a framework for  “What to do now rather than later?” roadmap.

Success in digital transformation projects does not come itself. According to mcKinsey, the success rate of these efforts is low: less than 30 percent succeed. So, when you are in a digital transformation process or about to start one, it is better to be prepared for success and make impact with digital transformation, multiplying the benefits for customers and the entire business ecosystem.

Key take aways

  • Understand new business model opportunities and the need to re-organise;
  • Learn about digitalisation effects on customers and external and internal processes;
  • Find out about speed and digital trends that changes how value can be created;
  • Master strategies, methods and approaches that are directly applicable for you and your company when tackling the digital transition;
  • Discover sorting mechanisms: What to do now rather than later?


Who should attend

This programme is ideal for individuals:  

  • who want to understand and achieve digital transformation;
  • who need tools to increase digital impact;
  • who want to broaden their knowledge of digitalisation's impact on individuals, companies, business models and industries;
  • who want to apply their expertise for the digital transformation of business and society.

Get your certificate through our training

EIT Digital and the KTH Executive School joint digital certificate of participation.

Blended approach



Date and location


Spring edition: 3-5 May 2021.
Autumn edition: 29 November-1 December 2021.



3000 € (Excl. Tax)

Please contact us for more details.

Course content

  • What can we do with digitalisation?
  • Why digital change is happening and how you can take advantage of understanding drivers and their effects;
  • How to deal with exponential price reduction;
  • How and when to invest in uncertain conditions;
  • How can we make a digitalisation road map - what to do now rather than later?

Executive course

Spring edition: 3-5 May 2021.
Autumn edition: 29 November-1 December 2021.

3 days / 3000 € (Excl. Tax)



EnglishEIT Digital and the KTH Executive School joint digital certificate of participation.


“Digital transformation is essential for any type of business wanting to survive in the long run.”

Prof. Henrik Blomgren, KTH Executive School


About KTH Executive School

KTH Executive School specialises in enabling organisations and companies to capture opportunities in changing business landscapes. By understanding technology and how technology is changing business, ecosystems and society, we work with efficient learning formats to transforming this knowledge and understanding to customers.

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