Applied Data Science Bootcamp

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Data is the currency of the digital economy. Get the analytical skills you need to cash in.

Although data is the lifeblood of the digital economy, many companies are blind to the value of the data they create. It’s time for that to change.

From a deep dive into the latest techniques to an opportunity to get hands-on with real world data projects, the course equips you with the skills you need to succeed in a data-agile economy.

What you will gain

Developed in partnership with Bright Cape, a leading Dutch data analytics provider, the bootcamp includes both the theoretical and the practical. Through a mix of one-on-one training, hands-on activities, and group learning, you will set-up and execute your own data science project. The course starts by laying a foundation in data science, covering such topics as:

  • Using the Team Data Science Project (TDSP) methodology
  • Data cleaning and visualisation
  • Process mining
  • Linear regression
  • Machine learning
  • Classification

Next, we take the theory and immediately start applying it directly to your organisation’s data. You will also learn how to use predictive analytic-solutions and intelligent applications to solve real business problems. 

Your transformation

With the knowledge and experience gained during this bootcamp, you will be well-positioned to redefine your organisation’s approach to problem solving. You will also have the confidence to ask the right questions, identify the most pressing problems, and implement data-based solutions.

Furthermore, by being able to clearly articulate your approach to your colleagues, you’ll get them to adopt using data science, thus creating a culture of data-driven decisions across your organisation. As a result, your company will soon be benefiting from its full power.

Is this course for me?

Our Applied Data Science Bootcamp is designed for anyone looking to future-proof their careers by adding data analytics to their skillset:

  • Professionals involved with process improvement projects (business, logistics)
  • Financial analysts
  • Marketing managers
  • Product owners
  • Project and team managers 
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All our courses are taught by some of the leading minds in academia, research, business, and industry. Our diverse faculty come from a range of backgrounds, and each brings a unique perspective to your learning experience.

Jef van den Buijs


As part of his Data Scientist career, Jef conducted a research at Bright Cape on how the inspection policy of a production process can be optimized using a quality prediction based on a machine learning algorithm. In the last three years, he has been working on different aspects of the data science landscape for a dominant company in the high-tech industry, creating multiple business intelligence dashboards and tools, running a number of process mining projects, setting up data pipelines to automatically retrieve relevant data, and helping on numerous prediction models.

Daan Salome


Daan helps companies in their journey to become data-driven and has worked as a Data Scientist & Project Manager at several innovative products. With a background in applied mathematics and an interest in developing practical data science applications, his expertise lies in the machine learning domain and in explaining complex data science concepts in a simple and structured manner. Having a broad experience in computer vision, predictive maintenance, logistics, insurance models, and customer due diligence, this allows him to illustrate the theory using many concrete use cases. 

Remco Theunissen


Remco works as a Data Scientist & Project Manager at Bright Cape. With a background in industrial engineering, combined with business information systems, he is especially interested in the practical applicability of data science solutions and the value these bring to organisations. Remco has gained a broad experience in amultitude of data analytics implementations in a variety of industries, from high tech to telecommunications, such as Dashboarding Specialist of a worldwide statistical process control implementation.

The translation from analytics to insights and value for the business is one of the areas in which he excels.

Tom Mul


Tom’s focus is on algorithms and data are understandable on everyone’s own level of interest. Within the role of Data Science Consultant at Bright Cape, he strives to
implement smart algorithms and visualizations that focus on usability and/or process improvements. With a background in industrial engineering, Tom’s experience mainly originate in logistics, manufacturing and healthcare industries.


All participants receive an EIT Digital - Bright Cape joint digital certificate of completion.

Customisation and Discounts

All our Professional School courses can be fully customised to meet the unique needs of your organisation. We can even run the courses right at your premises.

EIT Digital also offers a number of non-cumulative discounts:

  • EIT Digital Partners: -25%
  • Multiple registrations from same company: -10% for the 2nd, -15% as of 3rd participant
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