Business Strategy and Artificial Intelligence

Future proof business decision making with artificial intelligence

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence is changing the business landscape. But before you can leverage the power of AI, you first need to know where to begin. As an emerging technology, AI holds both opportunities and risks. The key to navigating this potential minefield is to understand the technology itself, but moreover to be able to confidently evaluate AI processes and maximise the trade-off between business impact and resources spent.

Ready to guide your organisation towards new opportunities based on AI technologies? Our 'Business Strategy and Artificial Intelligence course' has you covered. 

Key Subjects

Developed in partnership with Sweden’s KTH Executive School, the short executive course provides you with the tools you need to make smart decisions on how to best use AI technologies within your business operations. The course uses a combination of face-to-face training, group activities, and hands-on exercises to cover an array of specific AI solutions, processes, and concepts, including: 

  • Getting started with AI
  • Where - and why - AI can be profitable, both today and tomorrow
  • Implementing and developing AI investments
  • Using AI to improve margins and revenues and to disrupt markets
  • Understanding the business requirements, potentials, and pitfalls of AI

Upon completion, you will have the confidence to ask the right questions, the knowledge of when AI is the right choice, and the tools to leverage AI’s full potential. And more importantly, you will be at the forefront of using AI technologies to unlock new business opportunities.


The 'Business Strategy and Artificial Intelligence' course is designed for managers and decision makers wanting to understand AI application opportunities and:

  • Identify and explore AI opportunities
  • Broaden their knowledge about the disruptive potential of AI for business
  • Apply their expertise towards the digital transformation of business and society


All our courses are taught by some of the leading minds in academia, research, business, and industry. Our diverse faculty come from a range of backgrounds, and each brings a unique perspective to your learning experience.

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