Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics

A collaboration between EIT Digital and Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Supercharge your digital transformation in manufacturing and logistics with blockchain

Blockchain is expected to be a key solution in digital manufacturing, with an estimated added value of 170 billion dollars by 2025, estimates Gartner. If you are working in the manufacturing and logistics industry it certainly is worth learning how to save costs, explore business opportunities and work together with other companies using blockchain. That is what you will learn in the online short executive course 'Blockchain for Digital Manufacturing and Logistics'.

In manufacturing and logistics there are application opportunities of blockchain-driven solutions. The short executive course presents several blockchain use cases. These are for example about improving traceability or supporting cross-organisation notification, product and material certification, logging critical events, provide enhanced warranty service or act as a platform for creating agreements on information sharing. Integration with existing IT systems and services will also be discussed.

The course teaches the systematic requirement-based translation of business cooperation patterns to blockchain-based solutions to gain out-of-the-box security and non-repudation. Discussed patterns are structured around the emerging needs and opportunities of digital manufacturing - such as Digital Twins and Digital Threads - and modern logistics.

Participants will learn how existing business cooperation processes can be migrated to a blockchain-based distributed ledger; how migration options can be prioritised and a gradual migration can be designed  in a “blockchainification” process; and how domain-specific requirements can be addressed systematically at the solution architecture level, when using enterprise blockchain solutions as Hyperledger Fabric.

Creating applications on a blockchain using smart contracts is demonstrated, starting from domain models and business processes. The course also presents how to define measurable KPIs for a blockchain project and how to evaluate these already in the planning phase to facilitate a sustainable transition.

Key take aways:

  • Get to grips with the potential of blockchain in the digital transformation of manufacturing and logistics.
  • Recognise the blockchainification opportunities with the largest potential for your organisation.
  • Learn and experience the role of smart contracts in business cooperation.
  • Understand how Digital Twins and Digital Threads can utilise blockchain.
  • Understand how addressing domain-specific requirements changes with blockchain.

Who should attend:

  • CIO/CTO level managers, Digital Transformation Officers.
  • Product owners and managers.
  • System and solution architects.

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EIT Digital and Budapest University of Technology and Economics joint digital certificate of participation.

Blended approach


Two days online study, two days online classical training.

Date and location


Spring edition: 27 - 28 May 2021
Autumn edition: 22 - 23 November 2021



€ 1500 (Excl. Tax)

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Course content

  • Key business cooperation patterns in digital manufacturing and logistics.

  • State of the art of applying blockchains: solutions, emerging standardization, alliances.

  • An introduction to enterprise blockchains.

  • From cooperation pattern to architecture and smart contract logic.

  • Digital Twin, Digital Thread and blockchain-based services in digital manufacturing.

  • Process migration and blockchainification.

  • Addressing domain-specific requirements.

  • An end-to-end example using the expressive DAML language and Hyperledger Fabric.

  • “Bring your own problem” component.

Executive course

Spring edition: 27-28 May
edition: 22-23 November

2 days / € 1500 (Excl. Tax)



EnglishEIT Digital and Budapest University of Technology and Economics joint digital certificate of participation.




Dr. Imre Kocsis is a senior lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) with years of experience in blockchain education and industrial training.

His research and teaching focuses on modern distributed systems, with an emphasis on business-to-business oriented blockchain solutions and their requirement-driven design.

He is a national delegate to blockchain-related ISO standardization activities and the main contact of the university to the Hyperledger project. He led the preparation of the upcoming Digital Manufacturing MSc program of the faculty (offered in cooperation with the European Institute of Technology - EIT Digital).

Dr. László Gönczy is senior lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). He has experience in business modelling, industry-oriented R&D projects and gave several courses for professionals. He won mentorship from Linux Foundation in 2016 in the topic "On-chain Business Process Management". He was involved in a project on digital manufacturing which received Technology Award at the European Supply Chain and Logistic Summit. 

About Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is a top higher education institution of Hungary with well-established international reputation. The BME aims to provide core insights and techniques as well as applied research to develop or innovatively exploit existing technologies and deliver business value in multiple application domains. The course is developed by the members of the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group with expertise in industry-oriented R&D projects.

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