Blockchain for Business: Essential Concepts for Decision Makers

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Sign up for our blockchain for business course and discover how this revolutionary technology ensures efficient value tracking and tracing services.

Are you intimidated by the concepts and ideology of blockchain models? The good news is there is a nearly seamless transition from applications over traditional data management systems and the evolving blockchain-based ones. Our new massive open online courses (MOOC) will provide you and your team with the tools and knowledge necessary so that you do not become overwhelmed and instead learn how to harness the proactive controls of blockchain which allow for optimal asset tracking and supply chain management.

As will be illustrated by a new business process modelling-based automatic blockchain application generator, it is possible to both preserve a traditional business architecture while simultaneously utilizing the revolutionary benefits of this new technology. We call this gradual introduction blockchainification and will present the methodology with examples and business cases in these courses.


What are some of the applications and advantages of blockchain?

  • Verification of contracts
  • Prevention of voter tampering in elections
  • Authentication of banking transactions and medical records
  • Assurance of product origins
  • Continuous communal auditing
  • Full transparency of transactions between suppliers, manufacturers and distributors

How Can I Dive Into Blockchain Technology?

Keep in mind that the implementation of blockchain into your business can be a gradual process. Many modern decision makers often initially ask themselves how they can take advantage of blockchain in order to achieve their business objectives. The key is to recognize the value of an open, yet highly encrypted database of transactions which ensures complete transparency and visibility of its participants and their actions.

By completing our comprehensive online sessions, you will be fully prepared to take advantage of our new upcoming courses offered by EIT Digital Professional School. Get ahead of the competition and immerse yourself in the world of blockchain and what it has to offer by signing up for the following courses:

nanoMOOC: a free summary of the courses with basic principles, available now
MOOC: a longer online course with a minor fee, starting in October
Masterclasses: will be given in Budapest (Sept 25-26) and in Munich (Nov 6-7)


EIT Blockchain for Decision Makers: Where Do I Get on Board?

Are you ready to open the door to new opportunities for your company by participating in our unique nanoMOOC for decision makers? Having won support from the renowned Linux Foundation to develop business processes for blockchain, our professionals at EIT Digital are able to provide direct collaboration for the integration of your essential business processes with this novel technology.


What Will You Learn?

  • What are distributed ledgers and how do they work?
  • What is the difference between public and consortial networks?
  • How can blockchain be applied to modern use case patterns?
  • How can your business avoid unnecessary risks?
  • What solutions can promote rapid introduction and integration of your enterprise?

After getting a taste of the benefits of blockchain and completing our introductory online sessions, we invite you to sign up for one of our upcoming two day masterclasses, “Blockchain for the Decision Maker”, where we will guide you on blockchain processes which can help guarantee significant results and the success of your business.


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