Blockchain for the Decision Maker

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Learn how smart enterprises are using blockchain to unlock new business opportunities

Although most often associated with cryptocurrencies, today, blockchain technologies serve as the building blocks to new business opportunities. That’s why smart business leaders everywhere are ‘doing the blockchainification’.

‘Blockchainification,’ you ask? Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise how enterprises share data and collaborate. Blockchainification is the process of gradually introducing this powerful technology into your enterprise solutions. During the Blockchain for the Decision Maker course is where you’ll learn how your business can benefit from ‘doing the blockchainification’.

What you will gain

Developed in partnership with the renowned Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), this course teaches you to evaluate and introduce blockchain-based solutions into your enterprise systems. The course kicks-off with a deep dive into blockchain essentials and by taking an in-depth look at which services are best positioned for blockchainification. Further, the course uses a combination of face-to-face training, group activities, and hands-on exercises to cover an array of specific blockchain solutions, processes, and concepts, including: 

  • Blockchain-based distributed ledger
  • Business application patterns
  • The Hyperledger ecosystem
  • Blockchainification and business process-driven transitions
  • Blockchain integration and outlook
  • Benefits and risks of using cloud-based blockchain-as-a-service options
  • Integrating existing services into a blockchain platform

One of the course’s most popular components is the ‘bring your own problem’ session. This is a unique opportunity to apply blockchain proof-of-concept applications to the types of challenges you face every day.

Your transformation

You will leave the training having a comprehensive understanding of the full potential of blockchain technology and how to leverage that potential in an enterprise setting. 

Most importantly, you’ll have the confidence to begin using blockchain technologies to solve actual problems and create new business opportunities.

Is this course for me?

Our Blockchain for the Decision Maker course is designed for anyone looking to future-proof their careers:

  • CIO/CTO level managers
  • Product owners and managers
  • Business solution architects
  • Business professionals interested in digitalisation and novel IT solutions
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All our courses are taught by some of the leading minds in academia, research, business, and industry. Our diverse faculty come from a range of backgrounds, and each brings a unique perspective to your learning experience.  

Imre Kocsis   

Senior Lecturer
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) 


Dr Imre Kocsis is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). His key research areas are the end-to-end resilience assurance of blockchain-based applications (from platform resilience to smart contract correctness and robustness) and resilience assurance in edge computing.

He is leading the participation of BME in the Hyperledger project. He is also the national observing delegate to blockchain standardisation efforts at ISO.

László Gönczy

Senior Lecturer
Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)


Dr László Gönczy is Senior Lecturer the Department of Measurement and Information Systems of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). He has experience in business modelling, industry-oriented R&D projects as well as teaching at executive courses for professionals.

He won mentorship from Linux Foundation in 2016 on the topic ‘On-chain Business Process Management’.


Gábor Nyul"At my company, we are trying to build a blockchain-based application, therefore, I wanted to acquire deeper knowledge on the topic, especially on distributed ledger technology. I also needed more information on the technical details of blockchain and to gather details about real-life usage.

The course offers extensive information about DLT and many examples of blockchain applications in the industrial/corporate environment. One of the most welcoming parts of the course was, no doubt, the one related to the technical side of blockchain, as I wanted to understand the technology deeper. The course has fully met this objective and provided me with the needed knowledge and tools. I am very happy for that and I will absolutely highlight this information every time I recommend the EIT Digital’s ’Blockchain for the Decision Maker’ professional course."

Gábor Nyul
IT Consultant, Dorsum Investment Software
Zeno Amtmann "I had some basic understanding of blockchain technology, one application of that, namely the cryptocurrencies. However, I was not aware of the vast options and possibilities that this technology could provide. The course was extremely useful to understand and get somewhat "behind the scenes" of blockchain. It offered a great deal of new knowledge of this new phenomenon."

Zeno Amtmann
IT Consultant, AAM Management Consulting Ltd.
In my capacity as COO at Freeway Entertainment Group B.V. (an international operating financial services company for the independent entertainment industry), part of my job is to identify opportunities and business risks. Besides demystification of several misunderstood blockchain/Hyperledger and NFT concepts and, in some cases, unrealistic client expectations we gained an arsenal of insights, arguments, and knowledge to help our clients better. I especially liked the brainstorming sessions. This created a safe background for all participants to exchange views, and where abstract ideas and concepts were exchanged and came to life through case studies and numerous metaphors and analogies.

I would recommend business owners and managing directors to follow this course to gain a basic but solid understanding of applied blockchain technologies.

Florian Reitsma
COO, Freeway Entertainment Group B.V


All participants receive an EIT Digital - Budapest University of Technology and Economics joint digital certificate of completion.

Customisation and Discounts

All our Professional School courses can be fully customised to meet the unique needs of your organisation. We can even run the courses right at your premises.

EIT Digital also offers a number of non-cumulative discounts:

  • EIT Digital Partners: -25%
  • Multiple registrations from same company: -10% for the 2nd, -15% as of 3rd participant
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