Blockchain for the Decision Maker

A collaboration between EIT Digital and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

Find out how your business can benefit from Blockchain Implementation

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about and evaluate business processes based on blockchain concepts which allow you to obtain significant results for the advancement of your company!

The course focuses on the changes in the business architecture and the opportunity of blockchainification:  a gradual introduction of the benefits of the blockchain principle into existing solutions, largely independent of the rapidly changing underlying technology. It presents various business applications and translation of business requirements into blockchain design decisions.

The course includes a "Bring-Your-Own-Problem" session in which key considerations of attendees' challenges will be discussed and selected aspects modelled and translated into blockchain proof-of-concept applications.

Key take aways

  • Get to grips with the advantages and essentials of the blockchain paradigm;
  • Recognise services that are potential subject of blockchainification;
  • Learn about consortial blockchain solutions (and services offered by the HL umbrella);
  • Evaluate the benefits and risks of using cloud-based blockchain-as-a-service offerings;
  • Learn about integration of existing services over a blockchain platform.


Who should attend

  • CIO/ CTO level managers;
  • Product owners and managers;
  • Business solution architects;
  • Business professionals with an interest in digitalisation and novel IT solutions.

Get your certificate through our training

EIT Digital and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics joint digital certificate of participation.

Blended approach



Date and location


Spring edition: 19-20 April 2021.
Autumn edition: 8-9 Novmeber 2021.



1500 € (Excl. Tax)

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Course content

  • Blockchain based distributed ledge;
  • Business application patterns;
  • The Hyperledger ecosystem;
  • Blockchainification and business process driven transition;
  • Blockchain integration and its outlook.

Executive course

Spring edition: 19-20 April 2021

Autumn edition: 8-9 November 2021

2 days / € 1500 (Excl. Tax)



EnglishEIT Digital and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics joint digital certificate of participation.


“Having experience of almost 20-years in the IT and IT security field with a legal background, I firmly believe that this industry faces challenges, both in diversity and volume in the next couple of years. Blockchain seems to be a promising solution to a number of issues that we face today; however, its full potential is hardly understood. Therefore, it seemed beneficial to spend time studying this field and expand my knowledge in this area as part of my continuous learning.“

“The choice of EIT Digital professional education for the course was obvious for what it stands for, a strong digital Europe, but also due to its education partner and course organiser, the prestigious Budapest University of Technology and Economics.“

“I had some basic understanding of blockchain technology and one application of that, namely the cryptocurrencies. However, I was not aware of the vast options and possibilities that this technology could provide. The course was extremely useful to understand these and get somewhat "behind the scenes" of blockchain. It offered a great deal of new knowledge and a better understanding of this new phenomenon.“

Zeno Amtmann, IT Consultant AAM Management Consulting Ltd.

Blockchain for the Decision Maker


Dr. Imre Kocsis is a senior lecturer at Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) with years of experience in blockchain education and industrial training.

His research and teaching focuses on modern distributed systems, with an emphasis on business-to-business oriented blockchain solutions and their requirement-driven design.

He is a national delegate to blockchain-related ISO standardization activities and the main contact of the university to the Hyperledger project. He led the preparation of the upcoming Digital Manufacturing MSc program of the faculty (offered in cooperation with the European Institute of Technology - EIT Digital).

Dr. László Gönczy is senior lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). He has experience in business modelling, industry-oriented R&D projects and gave several courses for professionals. He won mentorship from Linux Foundation in 2016 in the topic "On-chain Business Process Management". He was involved in a project on digital manufacturing which received Technology Award at the European Supply Chain and Logistic Summit. 

About Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is a top higher education institution of Hungary with well-established international reputation. The BME aims to provide core insights and techniques as well as applied research to develop or innovatively exploit existing technologies and deliver business value in multiple application domains. The course is developed by the members of the Fault Tolerant Systems Research Group with expertise in industry-oriented R&D projects.

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