Security and Privacy for Big Data

Cooperation of EIT Digital with Fraunhofer SIT

Learn about Security, Privacy, GDPR Challenges and Solutions for Big Data Projects.

Blended approach

Blended approach:
Online courses &
F2F Masterclass

Date and location

Date and location:


Free online course
F2F Masterclass 1500 €

Is your company’s proprietary data safe? Cyber-attacks and online threats are increasingly widespread; up-to-date information about the application of security solutions in Big Data environments is necessary.

With this course, you will learn how to identify key security and data protection issues and how to apply privacy preserving methodologies in compliance with the current regulations, with a specific focus on GDPR and related implementation recommendations. You will look at significant Big Data projects with privacy-aware and security-skilled eyes, being able to recognise dangers of data breaches or data leakage. You will learn how to set in place mechanisms to manage data access controls and cryptographic principles to secure your information. By the end of the course, you will be ready to successfully plan your next Big Data project, ensuring that all security and privacy related issues are under control.


Key take aways

  • Acquire general awareness on security, privacy and GDPR aspects for Big Data projects;
  • Train to identify key security and data protection risks;
  • Discover relevant security and privacy technologies;
  • Understand what the GDPR implies for your Big Data project;
  • Learn the privacy-by-design approach for Big Data environments;
  • Gain valuable insights from your databases without violating the privacy of your customers


Who should attend

Big Data Project Managers, Innovation Managers, Digital Transformation Managers, Business Intelligence Managers, as well as SME decision makers involved in a Big Data environment, who need to understand how to implement security, privacy and GDPR solutions, and how such projects impact the overall strategy of a company.

Course Content
  • Security for Big Data
  • Privacy for Big Data
Online course Short online course / Free
Take the online course, Part 1 Part 2
Masterclass 2 days / € 1,500
Language English
Certificate EIT Digital and Fraunhofer SIT joint digital certificate of participation

WOLFGANG PRINZThe course Security and Privacy for Big Data will prepare you for your next project. Data security is essential for the value of your product or service. Privacy is crucial for any data processed or stored that can be associated to any individual, especially with the new data protection regulation GDPR. This course will teach you how to design your next project on a solid basis in terms of security and privacy.”


About Fraunhofer SIT

The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology SIT is a German leading expert for IT Security. Fraunhofer SIT develops solutions for immediate use, tailored to the customer’s needs. 185 highly qualified employees covering all areas of IT security make such customised services possible. Fraunhofer SIT is active in projects for companies from all kinds of industries. Numerous successful projects carried out with international partners are the resounding proof for trustful and reliable cooperation.


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