Sustainable Digital Innovation

A collaboration between EIT Digital, KTH Executive School and Fraunhofer IPK.

Road map to sustainable digital business

Customers want companies to be sustainable. So, for your financial sustainability, it is becoming a must to set sustainability goals to meet your customers need. There are business opportunities in it. Especially digital. This course will help you to embrace sustainability with the help of digital solutions into your business planning and product development.

Due to working together with leading researchers and multinational companies from Sweden and Germany, this short executive course provides you with valuable tools to support sustainable business innovation. The course guides you in developing a road map to sustainable digital business model transformation.  You will learn how digital technologies help manage your role in business ecosystems that support the sustainable development of business and society. In the course existing and emerging cases of digital-enabled sustainable solutions are being used.

The short executive course will be held in two locations: Stockholm and Berlin. Furthermore, there will be online learning material available. The classes will demonstrate how you can use digital sustainable solutions in a changing business landscape, giving you the tools to find out how you can use digital sustainable solutions to your advantage.

Key take aways:

  • Learn to see the potential of sustainable digital business offerings and how they can be implemented in your business.
  • Support to develop a road map to sustainable digital business model transformation.
  • Toolbox for a sustainable digital business model and smart services.

Who should attend:

Business area managers and senior product managers:

  • who want to understand business opportunities in a more sustainable context;
  • who need to develop sustainable product strategies;
  • who want to broaden their knowledge about the disruptive potential of sustainable business solutions;
  • who want to apply their expertise for the digital transformation of business and society.

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Blended approach


Online preparation
4 interactive learning days

Date and location


8 and 9 December 2020
18 and 19 January 2021 



€ 3950 (Excl. Tax)

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This course covers the following subjects:

  • Sustainable development and doing business.

  • Integrating sustainability in business management.

  • Aligning sustainability into industrial digitalisation.

  • Sustainable development- a source for innovation.

  • Road map to sustainable digital business model transformation.

Short executive course

2 days / € 3950 (Excl. Tax)
8-9 December 2020
18-19 December 2020

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EnglishEIT Digital and KTH Executive School joint digital certificate of participation.




Staffan Movin is Programme Director at KTH Executive School with more than 20 years of experience in business development, management consultancy and executive education. He is author of several books about ICT for competitiveness, Managing digital transformation, Creating Business out of industrial offerings and has developed courses and research projects. He has also been part of the advisory group for the Swedish government’s and digital industry’s initiative to develop a road map for carbon footprint reduction and developed the foundation for the Swedish standardisation of Green ICT.

Friedrich Halstenberg is researcher and professional focusing on digitisation, servitisation and sustainability. He honed his managerial skills as Director of the Collaborative Research Centre on Sustainable Manufacturing. Halstenberg is a certified Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) Professional and currently head of the PLM Professional training programme at Fraunhofer IPK. He holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from TU Berlin, a master’s degree in management from Toulouse Business School, and was a visiting scholar of the University of Cambridge.

About (the suppliers / partners of the short executive course)

KTH Executive School
KTH Executive School is a leading executive school in the crossroad of technology and business. It boosts the ability of senior managers to develop and implement new businesses, new strategies and new ways to operate. Its starting point is a profound understanding of your business logic and the school particularly addresses technology shifts and other major game changers in business environments. KTH Executive School delivers know-how, wide-ranging perspective and inspiration.

Fraunhofer IPK conducts applied research and development for the entire range of industrial tasks - from product development, the production process and the recycling of products to the design and management of factory operations. It realises the vision of complete digitalisation of product development and planning processes - so that manufacturers and users can consider the later phases of your product's life cycle at an early stage. With a long history of projects in the fields of digitisation and sustainability, Fraunhofer IPK has developed strong expertise in sustainable product and system development, circular smart services, sustainable digital twins, and Model-based Systems Engineering.

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